A performance duo with fellow artist Amanda Wallace:

Short for Tabula Rasa (blank slate), abbreviation for
Tape Automated Bonding- a bonding and connection
process in the fabrication of electronic circuitry,
also meaning "to observe carefully over time"
(keep tabs on).


A Manifesto:

+ We will use our blank slate relationship as an opportunity
to challenge conventional ways of getting to know someone.
+ We will examine the changes in psychological space between two people over time.
+ We will be aware of the frames through which we perceive
the other.
+ We will use our mutual interest in the melding of nature and
technology as a lens to examine the evolution of the
+ We will observe and confront the effects of the ego on
+ We will trust the truth in impulse.

'H Y B R I D'
Video montage from documentation of a TAB:rasa piece that took place at the 'YESNOISE' art walk in the Highline Park, NYC.
In this performance we present digital life and afterlife as a parallel loop that intersects with 'real' life, as opposed to being understood as a continuation of the latter.

Exhibited as a mirrored installation piece during the last edition of 'EBP' live zine:
Art 511 Magazine