Selected press:
Alt Esc Magazine

Audiovisual installation and curation project at Stream Gallery, Brooklyn.
3 channel video, projection mapping, sound and installation by Leticia Sampedro.
Featuring video work from Julie Nymann and performances by Caitlin Baucom, Quenton Stuckey, Samantha CC, Susannah Simpson, Fitch Ball, Amanda Wallace and Kellian Delice.

An ode to technology's wonders and limitations.

The installation focuses on a three channel digital video projection and sound piece that places the viewer inside a simulacral medieval Spanish tower house. In attempting to translate the space of this Spanish tower into the space of a New York gallery, our project focuses on an experience of place that is as fictive and mediated as it is sensuous, bodily, and determined by presence in time and space.
In turn, this quality of the installation invites consideration of how mediation informs and affects our experience and understanding of place and space, particularly in the communication of one place to another. 

Using field recordings from both the tower site in Cantabria and from the gallery site in New York, along with audio and video manipulations and manufactured sounds, the installation acknowledges the impossibility of recreating a space, a moment, or an experience. Instead, we seek to inhabit the impossible place that lies between technology and bodily perception, recording and memory, the mediated and the natural, the artificial and the organic, the near and the far. To this end, the central video and sound piece is complemented by the installation of artificial and organic plant matter, textual fragments, and decorative elements within the gallery, and by additional video pieces by Julie Nymann.

Main window and soundtrack.

On the closing night, the installation was repurposed as a stage for a performance event (performances by Quenton Stuckey, Caitlin Baucom, Susannah Simpson, Fitch Ball, Samantha Crabtree, Kellian Delice, Amanda Wallace). The performers were asked to reinterpret the concepts of technology, representation, mediation, limitations, memory, impossibility, misinformation, subjectivity.