Selected features:
CICA Museum, South Korea
Super Modern Art Museum (SPAMM), France

Excerpt from Landscapes of Freedom (2016):

Abstraction that explores what in the body of a woman is compelling to us by reducing its representation to its most basic shapes and movement.
The blue tint is a reference to Ives Klein's performance piece and paintings 'Anthropometries'.

In this video piece the color blue has been chosen to recontextualize the latter and make the representation of a body free of any ethnicity. The framing of it- the limits of the body are never shown at the same time- universalizes the body complexion, making it relatable to any woman.

'My monochrome propositions are the landscapes of freedom.'
- I.K

Featured at:
The Wrong: Digital Art Biennial

Visual exploration of the natural and the artificial. These two concepts are here represented as a continuum, and make reference to the world inside and outside the internet. As in a fade between two colors, there is no precise point where one principle ends and the other begins. Natural and artificial are a bipolar continuum, both susceptible of the same analysis.

Internet expands, mimics, transforms, feeds, distorts, hides and reveals palpable reality- which in turn feeds back to the latter, creating a flow of behaviors between them two.