Leticia Sampedro (b. Bilbao, Spain) is a NY based cross-disciplinary artist and designer interested in the mechanisms of meaning, of collective consciousness, and the aesthetics and behaviors that arise from our exposure to mobile screens.  

Paintings (2022)
Paintings (2020-21)
Paintings (2019-20)
Bio sculpture
Printed Matter



Selected features:
CICA Museum, South Korea
Super Modern Art Museum (SPAMM), France

Excerpt from Landscapes of Freedom (2016):

Abstraction that explores what in the body of a woman is compelling to us by reducing its representation to its most basic shapes and movement.
The blue tint is a direct (and mostly critical) reference to Ives Klein's performance piece and paintings 'Anthropometries'.

In this video piece the color blue has been chosen to recontextualize the latter and make the representation of a body free of any ethnicity. The framing of it- the limits of the body are never shown at the same time- universalizes the body complexion, making it relatable to any woman.

'My monochrome propositions are the landscapes of freedom.'
- I.K

Featured at:
The Wrong: Digital Art Biennial

Visual exploration of the natural and the artificial. These two concepts are here represented as a continuum, and make reference to the world inside and outside the internet. As in a fade between two colors, there is no precise point where one principle ends and the other begins. Natural and artificial are a bipolar continuum, both susceptible of the same analysis.

Internet expands, mimics, transforms, feeds, distorts, hides and reveals palpable reality- which in turn feeds back to the latter, creating a flow of behaviors between them two.