‘Intuitive imperfection’ solo show w/ Programa Taide

With notions of traditional design in mind, my paintings explore composition, color, form, and rhythm. They challenge logic by synthesizing graphical representations of data and symbols. More specifically, in this new series I've chosen to focus on statistics, and lines found on the human hand-palm.

I examine the collective consciousness through a mark-making that is reflective of the tensions between dichotomies, and one that opens a space for simultaneous interpretations and parallel story-telling. I then complement this intuitive painting process with pre-designed, formal compositions.

The ideas I challenge are archetypal and fundamental. These include concepts such as balance, power, or the limits of linear thinking. This way of processing information and working extends to the compositions themselves by challenging visual harmony and pushing formal boundaries. Color here plays two roles, once acting as a formal element and twice, as a system of communication. In some of the paintings, the main color choices were made according to flags that share the same colors but belong to different countries across the world. Their abstract nature intends to create a space that fits multiple, open-ended narratives, and possibilities regarding international relationships, predictions, destiny, and chance.