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Leticia Sampedro (b. 1986, Bilbao, Spain) is a NY based cross-disciplinary artist and graphic designer interested both in the mechanisms of meaning, of collective consciousness, and in the upcoming aesthetics and behaviors that arise from our exposure to mobile screens.


Informed by her commercial work for brands and her performance art practice, she uses design principles and resources, found elements from social media and online ads that she is targeted with, and her own writings and drawings to create her compositions and multimedia installations.

Although critical of consumerism and its manipulative tactics, her current work aims to bring healing and peace of mind through harmonic compositions and writings influenced by Spanish poems and aphorisms, haikus, advertising taglines, and self-help statements.

Leticia has recently exhibited work at Czech Center, NY; The Wrong Art Biennial; CICA Museum, South Korea; The Highline, NY; Stream Gallery, NY; among others. She has performed at MoMa PS1, NY; Knockdown Center, NY; Springbreak Art Show, NY; has been awarded a place at feminist artist residency 'BUOY', CT and an 'Extraordinary Ability' VISA by the U.S Government.