Leticia Sampedro (b. 1986, Bilbao, Spain) is a NY based cross-disciplinary artist and designer interested in the mechanisms of meaning, of collective consciousness, and the aesthetics and behaviors that arise from our exposure to mobile screens.

The mark-making in her paintings reflects the tensions between the dichotomies of common interpretation and parallel story-telling. Leticia complements this intuitive painting process with pre-designed, formal compositions.

In December 2020 she was featured in Programa Taide’s series of solo shows ‘Here there and everywhere’, where she debuted her latest series of mixed media paintings. Leticia has also exhibited work at Czech Center, NY; The Wrong Art Biennial; CICA Museum, South Korea; The Highline, NY; Stream Gallery, NY; among others. She has performed at MoMa PS1, NY; Knockdown Center, NY; Springbreak Art Show, NY; has been awarded a place at feminist artist residency 'BUOY', CT. Her paintings are in collections across the U.S, South America, and Europe.