Leticia Sampedro is a Spanish artist based in New York. Her main mediums are drawing, video and performance art.

Leticia has recently exhibited work at Czech Center, NY; The Wrong Art Biennial; CICA Museum, South Korea; The Highline, NY; Stream Gallery, NY - to name some of them. She has performed at MoMa PS1, NY; Knockdown Center, NY; Springbreak Art Show, NY; has been awarded a place at feminist artist residency 'BUOY', CT and an 'Extraordinary Ability' VISA by the U.S Government.

Through her art, Leticia explores the spectrums in between dualities, the illusion of transcendence in mundane life, the deconstructions of prevailing paradigms and models taken for granted. Her current main interests are the absurdity and randomness in meaning, and the longing of her own culture and country of origin.

Somewhere between music videos, moving paintings and internet spots, her video pieces often represent obsessive behaviour associated to internet and social media. In these, she makes reference to new conducts, roles and obsessions. While portraying anxieties, her pieces' aim is to be meditational, turning a vicious cycle into a healing one by adding perspective to it.
Working in Advertising for years as a designer and creative director made her become interested in human behaviour patterns generated by Advertising itself and other sources of insidious manipulation such as many religious institutions, social media and patriarchal society in general.
She is now fully dedicated to her art practice.

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